Golem Tech

Golem Tech

The science of prosthesis, the crafting of artificial limbs and organs, remains in its infancy in the World Above. While they have developed the skill to create replacement hearts and limbs, these devices rarely function as well as the real thing, and in the case of limbs, often do not function at all, only offering the most basic mobility. Science remains years away from developing true cybernetic replacements that are capable of replicating the function of lost limbs and organs to any reliable degree.

However, in the Underworld, where artificers have access to the power of the Radiance, prosthesis crafting has developed into an art form all its own. Known as Golem Tech, Underworld prosthetic development is equal parts science and magic, and only the most skilled artificers are capable of creating them. Golem Tech prosthetic replacements are rare and often coveted devices that can not only replicate the parts of the body they replace, but also enhance them through the use of Radiance.

There are two types of Golem Tech available in the Underworld. Replacements, which are prosthetic or artificial units intended to replace lost limbs and damaged organs. Common replacements provide no benefits other than duplicating the essential functions of their biological counterparts, and they present little strain on the beneficiary’s overall well being. On the other hand, Enhancements bestow new abilities or improve the recipient in some fashion. Enhancements include skeletal reinforcements, weapon mounts, and enhanced vision. Some enhancements have visible external components, while others are hidden beneath the skin. Enhancements put more of a drain on the body’s resources.

Number of Attachments
Only living creatures can have Golem Tech attachments (Junkmen are not capable of using Golem Tech). In addition, a living creature can have a maximum number of Golem Tech attachments equal to 1 + the creature’s Constitution modifier (minimum 0). For example, a creature with a Constitution of 14 (+2 modifier) can have a maximum of three Golem Tech attachments, while a creature with a Constitution of 9 (-1 modifier) can bear none.

A creature may have more Golem Tech attachments installed on its body than it can bear. However, the creature gains 1 negative level per Golem Tech attachment that exceeds its maximum allowed. For each negative level, the creature takes a -1 penalty on all skill checks and ability checks, attack rolls, and saving throws, and loses one effective level or hit die whenever level is used in a die roll or calculation. Negative levels caused by having too many Golem Tech attachments remain until the offending attachments are removed.

Benefits and Drawbacks
Golem Tech is magical in nature. It does not require a power source, does not reveal itself to technology based sensors (even when obvious to the naked eye), and is much more resilient than any implants from the World Above. Golem Tech implants automatically size themselves to fit any recipient, regardless of size, and move to meld easily with the recipient’s flesh (a Treat Injury check to add Golem Tech through surgery gains a +4 circumstance bonus).

Because it is magical, Golem Tech is vulnerable to any effect that neutralizes or suppresses magic (such as dispel magic). To find the caster level of Golem Tech for which that value is not already defined, add 1/3 its purchase DC to 5. (Thus a Golem Tech advanced prosthetic arm has a caster level of 12th.) Because of its reliance on the Radiance, Golem Tech will not work in the World Above. Any Golem Tech that is brought to the surface will cease to function properly.

Susceptibility to Attack
External Golem Tech attachments are subject to attacks as if they were objects worn by the recipients; see the rules for attacking objects on pages 149-150 of the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game.

Enhancements – Under Construction

Golem Tech

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