The Radiance Stones

The Radiance Stones

The magical background radiation of the Underworld has largely been stabilized by the continual effect of the subways traveling along their mystic pathways. This harvest of raw magical energy has reached the point where it generates the same amount as lost each day. Magic has reached a point of equilibrium. Despite this, the distribution of magic is not equal. The Radiance grows more concentrated the deeper you travel. Immediately below the surface, there is barely enough Radiance to register. Travel into the forgotten passages and natural caverns hundreds of feet below, however, and the Radiance abounds.

While the Radiance can manifest itself in many forms, from fantastic caverns and tunnels, to nightmarish monsters, the most potent manifestation of the Radiance comes from the gemstones found in the deepest tunnels of the Underworld. Known as Radiance Stones, these more than precious gems are used, by those with the ability, to cast powerful magic. Anyone can have the potential to wield the Radiance Stones, from the lowly bar keep who uses a ruby to light his stove, to a schooled practitioner wielding multiple stones to summon lightning and fire. Like any skill, using the power of the Radiance Stones is something that needs to be practiced, and only those who truly dedicate themselves to their study can unlock the full power of the stones.

Stone Magic
In the underworld campaign setting, the main source of magic comes from the mysterious Radiance Stones, the magically enhanced gems that possess wondrous powers and create marvelous effects. In order to use these gemstones, a potential wielder must have the Radiance Stone Affinity feat, or better yet, have levels in the gem master advanced class. Each of the gemstones can be wielded together to create even more intricate effects. Below is a listing of all the gemstones available in the setting, and the powers they exhibit.

The Magic of the Radiance Stones
The Underworld campaign setting offers a new and unique kind of magic, the magic of the Radiance Stones. These gems contain the power to shatter mountains, make the heaviest beings float weightlessly, heal the gravest of wounds and invoke impressive – even deadly – primal forces like fire and lightning at a mere thought. Some forces of the Underworld believe this magical power is granted by some divine influence, while other believe a more malevolent influence is behind the power. However, the truth is the stones are mined from the deepest tunnels and caverns of the Underworld, where the ambient power of the Radiance infuses them with magic. Not everyone can connect with the awesome magic of the stones. Those who do are formidable forces indeed.

Each type of gemstone holds a unique power or set of powers. While some stones duplicate the powers of one another to a certain degree, the different uses of the various stones remains fixed and constant. The size and clarity of a given gemstone dictates the relative strength of the gem and is thus a limitation of the energy a wielder is able to draw forth. Of course, the ability and experience of the wielder has a lot to do with the finale results too.

Radiance Stone Users
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The Radiance Stones

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